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Our certifies senior living professionals are trained for rehab as well as daily retirement living.

If you are worried about putting your loved one into a senior care home or retirement community, Afton Calle Assisted Living has the solution. Through our years of experience we have figured out exactly what to offer seniors.

Holding hands of a resident in our senior living Home.

Skilled Rehab assisted living Care Facility Stats


Private Claims

paid by private insurance, or self/family – Private insurance includes VA (Veterans Administration), some Railroad or Steelworkers health plans or other private insurance.


Nationwide Cost

47% of this total nationwide cost comes from medicaid, 23 % is supplied by medicare and almost a quarter is paid by supporting family members.


Retired People

Over the age of 65 will require long-term care in their remaining years. This could start as Independent Care and move to Assisted Living.

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Senior Expenses

47% of this total nationwide cost comes from medicaid, 23 % is supplied by medicare and almost a quarter is paid by supporting family members.


We work with you and your family to come up with an affordable plan that is best for mom and dad so Finances are not a roadblock to recover.

Rehab Services

With Registered nurses on staff, our Rehabilitation program and physical therapy programs will give your parents everything they need for good health.

Near Hospitals

Our Facilities and Communities are strategically placed so that emergency responders are only minutes away in case anything ever happens.

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Our Values and Amenities


We train all of our staff to give them extra certifications for Alzheimer’s care and personal needs of your loved one.

Secure Home

Our facility is a gated community. With on site security, you can rest assured that they will always be safe within our community.

Close to Hospitals

There are many local medical centers as well as hospitals from one of our multiple facilities. You will always be notified is something happens.

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We love what we do!

Life for seniors does not have to come to a standstill simply because they are moving on with their lives and moving into a skilled assisted living facility. Our communities are often the very best option for seniors who need a little extra assistance with their daily lives

Faculty staff for our seniors are simply trying to help the elderly to live fuller and safer lives. Their goal is not to restrict your movement or keep you from doing what you love. Our facility and staff enable you to have a rewarding life no matter what your age or physical constraints. Many of the residents enjoy their lives more than ever, since they don’t have to worry about their safety and they can be with other people at the same stage of their life as they are. Afton Calle Communities also ease the burden of worry off of family members, allowing them to have peace and know that their elder family members are being well cared for.

We offer great physical therapy and rehabilitation programs for seniors. These are customized programs that fit the physical capabilities of our residents, not pushing them too hard, but keeping them active, healthy and engaged. Seniors who have never entered a San Antonio Senior Living facility may be under the impression that the residents there live slow, boring, uneventful lives. But many of the residents are more active than ever. They are staying strong and healthy through regular exercise and keeping their minds active through constant stimulation and social interaction. Many people who live alone let their memory and their physicality slip away from them, because they have nothing to do. That’s certainly not the case at DP.

The staff there gives constant attention just like they would at a private Adult Care home. They make sure they always have things to do to keep them entertained. Retirement can be just as exciting a time of life as any other, and our Afton Calle Assisted Living facilities exist to ensure that it is. The staff often arranges outings of all kinds- whether it is shopping trips, dining out, park visits or simple errand runs.

Dependable assisted living Care within San Antonio

Of course, you don’t have to stay active and always be doing things while staying at a retirement nursing facility. The environment is perfectly suited to people who are easing into their retirement or who are just ready to slow things down and have some assistance with their daily living. The homes are often expansive, with large outdoor areas where residents can walk alone or with groups. The rooms are kept as private as you like, so you always have a place to go and relax.

You can have all the assistance you require from Afton Calle Senior services as much or as little care as you require is provided for you. Many of the residents who choose to come to our communities make the transition because they want a little help in their daily lives. They don’t feel safe driving on their own or they don’t want to be alone at home and they have no one among their family who can provide that assistance for them.

Residents in the assisted long term care sector at Afton Calle are given the respect and care they need to live happy, healthy lives. And as they age, their needs will change, but our senior care facilities within the metro area will be able to keep up with them and provide the help they need at every stage of their elderly years.

In an Ideal situation, finding quality independent care should be a hassle and stress free process that involve the retirement homes seeking you and not the other way around. We do know however that this is not the case and often times it feels like push and pull to try and find a good affordable senior care home for your loved ones. The reality is the majority of elderly nursing communities don’t know how to market at all. We go over the do’s and dont’s during your Oregon search to ensure you know the best locations in San Antonio, Castle Hills, and Terral Heights.

Other areas of senior care that are outside the borders of the San Antonio Area are: Castle hills, Shavano Park, and more.

One crucial thing that that no one talks about when looking at a retirement community is the the level of care a provider can give and what the home is licensed for. For Oregon residents, there are typically three levels of care including hospice care being at level three. Most Senior residents are around level two and do not need a heavy level of care. You want to see the history of your provider to see how many years of experience they have within the field.

Though it gets overwhelming at times to think about levels of support certain care homes provide, their daily meals, activities, transportation to doctors appointments and more, its important to remember that your decision on a care provider is the biggest decision for your retirement.

For some people, the idea of leaving mom or dad at a retirement home is completely a foreign concept. We want to dive into some frequently asked questions about what certain care homes are, how they came to be and who would ideally need to be in one.

What Is a Rehab assisted living Facility?

The elderly frequently suffer from serious illnesses or injuries that require extended periods of physical therapy and rehabilitation Families may not be able to provide the specialized care that these seniors require. The assisted living facility (Stalls a category of medical treatment facility for people 0 need intensive medical treatment over a longer term than is generally provided by a traditional hospital. It is not a nursing home, although the two terms are often used interchangeably.

Who should be in them?

Generally, it is the elderly that may have need of the dulled short-term care of a skilled facility, but this Is not always the case. Younger patients who have catastrophic injuries or severe illnesses may require the send because of a senior adult foster care home to help them through the worst of their recovery period. Many patients receive care at the SNF and leave the institution after they have regained sufficient function to be at home or in a less medically intensive facility. Medicare, Medicaid and private health Insurance will generally pay for senior care, when It Is medically required.

But in most cases, a parent or loved one that needs help with day to day activities like showering, would benefit from being in a nursing home.

How do I choose the right community?

if you have the responsibility for choosing a home for an elderly loved one, you should keep a few points in mind. Not all facilities provide all types of services. You should get a thorough assessment of your loved one’s physical and mental condition from a senior placement agency before choosing a facility to ensure that the SNF can provide the services he or she will need. If possible, get a reference from someone you know who has had a loved one stay at the facility.

The statistics that were cited here were from

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