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Our team is passionate about providing the best care whiling giving our residents confidence.

Afton Calle Assisted Living fully understands the struggles families go through when they have a parent with Alzheimer care needs. We hire our staff specifically to address this growing need in our community. I encourage anyone looking for a quality dementia or memory care facility within San Antonio to call us or simply fill out the form below.

Daughter visiting her mom at Afton Calle's Alzheimer's Care Facility in San Antonio.

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Retire everyday

Each and everyday, this is the number of seniors entering retirement or that are turning at least 70 years old.


Our Awards

Local charities, non profits and chambers of commerce is where some of our memory care awards have come from.


Have Alzheimer’s

This shows the epidemic the United states is having with the disease and the impact that dementia can put on our aging community.

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It’s Spreading

By 2020, America will have more than 5.8 million people affected by Alzheimers. We are here to help play a part in the care needed.

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Our Values and Amenities


We train all of our staff to give them extra certifications for Alzheimer’s care and personal needs of your loved one.

Secure Home

Our facility is a gated community. With on site security, you can rest assured that they will always be safe within our community.

Close to Hospitals

There are many local medical centers as well as hospitals from one of our multiple facilities. You will always be notified is something happens.

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We are the Best in Class Memory Care Service

Most amenities are included to the resident already but because there are so many different things to take into account when discussing dementia care with seniors, its best to call and schedule a tour with one of our metro location.

DP plans out activities for our memory care unit that tailors to what they are interested in. Some resident play rummikub while others play cards and bet with pennies.

  • Feeding the ducks and local small wildlife that come to our local pond.
  • Free Musical Guests as Entertainment.
  • Occasional Cooking classes with all ingredients and tools provided./li>
  • Movie Date night with Popcorn of the classics they love!
  • Local produce and farmer markets come so they can shop all without leaving.
Senior Memory Care services in San Antonio

Many seniors need excellent memory care, and thankfully there are assisted facilities that provide just that. Afton Calle Assisted Living provides care for residents who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s as well as other memory conditions. No matter what memory ailment your loved one has, you can receive superior care at a facility for senior dementia care.

Compassion and Love 24 hours a day

Those you love and care for who need memory care will feel at home at a Dementia San Antonio facility. The location is often made to feel very much like what they are used to. Afton Calle’s community is not a cold and clinical housing facility, but comfortable accommodations with rustic trappings and modern conveniences. The residents are allowed plenty of freedom to move around as they please, but always under the care and supervision of the staff, for those residents who are undergoing memory or Alzheimer’s care. They can have the privacy they need as well with their own living accommodations and private rooms.

Memory care facilities are designed to be as comfortable as possible for residents. The staff is trained to be friendly and professional in all their dealings with the residents. The rooms are able to be customized and receive each resident’s personal touch to make them feel more like home. And residents always have all the accommodations and assistance they require to live happy and full lives. Family members are permitted to visit as often as they like.

Even residents in memory care can continue living their lives much like they are used to. They will simply be living in a safer more carefree environment. They can go on shopping trips, make regular errand runs with the staff, attend important appointments and have parties and other social events at the facility.

These are holistic experiences being offered at the communities for our residents in San Antonio, Texas. Residents are offered a full suite of physical and mental therapy options as well as a number of activities to engage in that stimulate their minds and bodies.

The memory and Alzheimer’s care that’s provided only by the finest trained CNA’s at Afton Calle assisted living.  Residents seeking to stay our facility or their family members can ask to look at the staff’s and the facility’s qualifications beforehand. But the certifications and awards the facility has received will likely be proudly on display.

Most of these facilities are staffed by some of the best individuals in the industry for their area. They constantly seek out the most qualified people to make their facility more prestigious. The staff often receives continuous training to ensure that they stay on top of current practices.

The Alzheimer care is some of the finest in the world. Seniors and their families can rest easy knowing they are receiving the very best care available. Residents are provided with all the assistance they require to enjoy their daily lives. This could include something as small as reminding the residents to take their medicine to more involved care that assists the residents with bathing or eating.

The staff understands that each resident has their own particular set of needs. They ensure that proper care is administered to each resident, with extra care being given to memory care residents.

Residents are also given an opportunity to engage in regular fitness programs. These are tailored for each individual and suited to their physical abilities. Memory care is not something our facility take lightly. They know their residents require the utmost care to live enriched and happy lives and they are prepared to give that to them within the San Antonio Metro area.

Note: Some of this data was taken from the Alzheimer’s Association and Med News Today.

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